Welcome to my Cellular Phone Reviews Blog, where you’ll find all the information you need on making an educated decision about the cellular phone that will fit your needs and your wallet!

My background…I worked in the wireless industry for approximately eight years in all facets of marketing and promotions, and really enjoyed it.  In fact one of the most enjoyable positions I held was as the Advertising & Promotions Manager for Sprint PCS in 1997 when they first came to the Philadelphia market. Without even one retail store yet built, we set out to take the market by storm with the first digital network.  We carried around the big Sony brick phones with pride, and showed them to everyone that we knew and met, hoping to secure our first customers as soon as we launched!

Good times, good times….I still miss being able to cradle that Sony phone between my shoulder and ear, drink a cup of coffee, and drive my stick shift down I-95 to work!  They don’t make phones like they used to!

Anyway, enjoy the website and remember…there are other phones out there besides the iPhone!

P.S.  I’m still a Sprint customer and am self-proclaimed as the oldest Sprint PCS customer in the Philadelphia market.  I keep reminding the guys at my local Sprint PCS store of this fact every time I go into the store, hoping that gets me some perks, freebies, or something.  You think Sprint PCS would throw me a party every two years when I renew my subscription and get a new phone, but no–I’m treated like every other customer.  Like Verizon, they probably won’t contact me until alas one day I switch carriers (just ask my husband).  Then, and only then will I quickly become their favorite customer!

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